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Why should I use this?

Companies like Facebook, Google or even your employer spy on your communication. Is there a way to continue using these communication channels without them spying on you? That's what GoSecret is aiming to solve.

How do I use GoSecret?

Let's say you want to email your friend but you don't want your email provider scanning your email. There are three steps: enter your secret on GoSecret, tap "Create Secret Link" and then email the link to your friend. Voila, your friend received a message while circumventing your email provider's scanning mechanism!

Is this secure?

HTTPS is used to securely transmit data. All data at rest is encrypted with Fernet cryptography. We also do regular pen-testing in addition to automated tests.

What happens after my message is viewed or expires?

Your message is deleted permanently.

Can I create a secret without a password?

Definitely! Passwords are used for an additional layer of security.

Can I run a private GoSecret server?

Yes, contact us for more information. Private servers can be run on the cloud or on-premise.

Is this HIPAA compliant?

For a HIPAA compliant server contact sales.